Rose of Jericho Manifestation Plant
Rose of Jericho Manifestation Plant
Rose of Jericho Manifestation Plant

Rose of Jericho Manifestation Plant

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The Rose of Jericho is a naturally occurring desert plant, beloved for its magical properties for bringing blessings, prosperity, good fortune, and enhancing magic upon certain areas of life. Known also as “The Resurrection Plant,” this desert shrub has ties to the Christ consciousness, and helps the practitioner usher in and “resurrect” any area of life that is identified. Use its water as a spiritual floor wash or spray and anoint the body or spiritual tools with it to spread the magic.


Your rose will arrive to you in its dried and dormant condition. This is NORMAL and NATURAL, and indeed the way it should remain most of the year. Your rose can be awakened and brought “back to life” (in reality, it is still living, you are simply sustaining it), by submerging its roots in a bowl of water. Give it a beautiful, water safe bowl and put it in a place of honor in the home. Allow the rose to fully unfurl, and know that she will take anywhere from 15 minuets to several hours to fully open. Once open, she will turn slightly green in parts.

Some practitioners like to submerge the entire rose in water, and this can be done at times, provided you offer clean, natural water and change it regularly. Please only leave your plant in this state for up to a week or so. To allow your rose to go dormant, simply remove it from the water source.

You can bless magical tools or crystals in the water with the plant as it awakens, naturally anointing those tools with the magic of the plant and the intentions you set with it.


*Your plant will be shipped in its dried or dormant state. Full instructions will be included with your plant, but all you need to do is to simply place it in a shallow bowl of water and watch the miracle!