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Most Frequently asked Questions

1. WHAT ARE MY WAIST BEADS FOR? Waist beads are used for various reasons but why they are worn depends on the receivers intended purpose to put them on their body.  2. HOW DO I PUT ON MY WAIST BEADS? You tie waist beads on to your body using one side of the string and adjust them to where you would like them to sit on your body then tie the other string together, or if you have a twist clasp, you will tightly secure the clasp together . 3. HOW DO I REMOVE MY WAIST BEADS? Use scissors or a sharp knife to remove the waist beads off your body. If you cut the bead in the same place...

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The History of Waist Beads.

What are waist beads? Waist beads are a traditional African accessory that consist of small glass beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips. They come in different colors and shapes and may also include decorative stones, crystals, or charms. Waist beads have been worn for centuries by women in many West African cultures. In more recent years they’ve gained popularity among women in the West. They’re also referred to as belly beads, waistline beads, or beaded waist chains. In Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other West African countries, waist beads are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. Today, in both Africa and the United States, women use waist beads for aesthetic and practical...

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